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Get help after a crash in Virginia Beach

With a hot vacation spot in Virginia nearby, Virginia Beach, you're used to many new people coming to your area to visit beautiful seaside resorts and to spend time with their families living in the state of Virginia. Summer months can lead to congested roadways, so it's not unusual to see some car accidents take place. Many could be avoided, though, especially if people paid more attention while driving and took the time to plan where they were headed before driving on unfamiliar roadways.

There are several busy highways in Virginia Beach including I-64, I-664, Route 10, Route 58 and the Virginia Beach Expressway. These frequently used roads are often the sites of car accidents, and the results of these crashes can be tragic. What should have been a nice day out may end up with hospital visits or a trip to the morgue.

What is a medical standard of care and why does it matter?

Many of our posts have covered medical malpractice cases. An important point in every case of medical malpractice is whether the medical professional strayed away from the acceptable standard of care or not.

What is the standard of care?

Video monitoring and nursing home abuse in Virginia

Every person deserves to be treated with dignity regardless of their age. Unfortunately, people living in assisted living facilities and other long-term care programs sometimes endure harsh treatment at the hands of their care providers. Perhaps as a result of the unique one-on-one relationships that care providers often share with their patients, things like stealing from patients, neglecting their care or just downright abusing them can go on for some time before anyone notices. These situations can be even worse when patients are mentally incapacitated or otherwise unable to report those incidents.

Situations involving nursing home neglect and abuse have prompted many family members and other interested parties to push for legislation which allows cameras inside patients' rooms. These so-called "granny cams" would allow relatives to look in periodically on their loved ones much like a modern-day version of a baby monitor.

Stand up against charges of drug possession or other crimes

No one plans to get arrested and when it happens, it can be incredibly stressful. If you're in the Norfolk or Virginia Beach area when you get arrested, you may have been on vacation or just simply enjoying recreational activities. Unfortunately, having too much to drink at a party and getting behind the wheel before getting pulled over or being accused of assault after you leave a bar are all possible.

When fun goes a little too far, it's important to protect yourself. You don't want to have a one-time mistake in judgment result in a lifetime of suffering due to a criminal record. There are many cases when you can fight against the allegations and charges made against you, and if you succeed, your case will be dropped.

Don't stand for improper care from any medical professional

Medical care is a vital component of life for most Americans. When you aren't feeling your best, you might head to a doctor to find out what is wrong. If you do have a medical condition, a treatment plan is established. That treatment plan might include medication, more in-depth diagnostic testing, surgery, therapy options, or other treatments. As you go through the treatment process, you expect to start feeling better.

Have you ever thought about how your life would be affected if one of the medical professionals didn't do their job correctly? What if the doctor misdiagnosed you? What if the pharmacist gave you the wrong prescription? What if an imaging test result wasn't correct? What if a surgeon didn't perform your surgery properly or an anesthesiologist didn't administer the correct drugs? What if a nurse didn't follow proper procedures for your care?

Surgery on wrong broken bone leads to $2.15 million lawsuit

On July 25 last year, a man went to the Hampton VA Medical Center for pain in his right foot. A stress fracture was found after X-rays were taken. On Aug. 8, the man returned to the same hospital and saw a podiatrist. The doctor told the man he needed immediate surgery on his foot.

The surgery the man had done on his foot was called an "open reduction internal fixation." The surgery included putting three screws and a plate on the man's third metatarsal. The problem, however, was that the bone that was operated on was not broken.

On Sept. 2, the Navy veteran went to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. A second set of X-rays showed that the screws and plate were not on the right bone. The now-former deputy sheriff saw a private physician on Sept 2. He had kept weight off the foot for about a month after the surgery, but when he was walking, he had pain in his foot after he heard a "pop."

How your visibility can affect your motorcycle safety

Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous undertaking. This is always true even if you wear a helmet and take care to dress in leather clothing and boots. One of the biggest reasons that motorcycles are more dangerous than other vehicles is because they lack the airbags, restraining devices and the structural integrity found in most other vehicles types.

However, there is another danger motorcyclists often face which may not be as obvious. Due to their smaller size and relatively low frames, motorcycles can be very difficult for other motorists to see. There are a variety of reasons for this but one of the most important reasons is because of the way that the human brain processes certain information. For example, when a driver in a car is attempting to make a left turn he or she is frequently looking for the absence of other oncoming cars – not the presence of a motorcycle. This may seem purely academic, yet research has shown that as humans we tend not to notice things that we don't expect to see.

What is post-traumatic stress disorder in relation to accidents?

Being involved in a truck accident has many effects. Just last week, we discussed how traumatic brain injuries might occur in an accident. That isn't the only traumatic effect that victims of accidents might face. Some people might also experience post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a disorder that can affect the emotional state of victims.

What is the leading cause of PTSD?

The link between car accidents and traumatic brain injuries

Most of us give little thought to how much our personalities and individual characteristics rely on the health of our brains. If you think about it, your life probably would not change much if you suffered broken ribs or a dislocated collarbone after a car accident. However, the same is not true for some brain injuries. In fact, a traumatic brain injury can forever alter your memories, your speech or even your ability to enjoy life in the same way before your accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury occurs whenever a person receives a sudden blow to the head or something penetrates their skull and disrupts the normal functioning of their brains. Depending on the severity of the TBI, a victim can experience impaired thinking, changes in their personality or even a loss of vision or hearing.

Widow receives $1.3 million settlement in malpractice case

After you've been injured in a medical setting, you may be considering seeking a medical malpractice lawsuit against your doctor or hospital. If you're able to prove that your medical team neglected you or left you with injuries due to mistakes, then you may be able to win compensation. In a case out of Virginia, a woman, now a widow, was seeking compensation for the wrongful death of her husband due to medical malpractice.

That case has now been settled out of the Roanoak court, according to the May 4 news report. The widow claimed that the Roanoke, Virginia, medical facility and a physician's office separate from that hospital were responsible for the untimely death of her husband.

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