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Don't let your rights get violated; Defend yourself in Virginia

As someone accused of a drug crime, you're in a difficult position. Your future depends very much on how you approach this charge. You shouldn't plead guilty thinking that you'll get a lesser charge if you're not guilty at all, and of course, you need to protect yourself from accusations that are simply off base. With help on your side, you can work with someone who can help you identify any weaknesses in the case against you; with perseverance, you can make your side of the story heard and understood.

In Virginia, you can face a few types of drug charges. You could be charged for possessing drugs, distributing drugs or possessing them with the intent to distribute. The differences between each can be dramatic as far as punishment goes, and the prosecution team may try to make more out of your situation than it really was. For instance, if you were in possession of marijuana and had someone else in your vehicle with you, then you could be accused of possessing it with the intent to distribute it; that's a crime that can be punished more heavily than simple possession.

Vulnerable residents shouldn't suffer through nursing home abuse

Residents of nursing homes have a lot to think about. One thing they should never have to worry about is getting hurt. Sadly, nursing home residents are sometimes neglected. Some are abused. Just the mere thought of the elderly residents of Virginia being placed in harm's way while they are in a home that has promised to care for them is enough to infuriate some people.

There are various excuses nursing facilities might use when a resident is neglected or harmed. Just to be clear, none of those reasons is a good reason. Understaffing might be blamed. While it is true that improper staffing can lead to improper supervision of residents, that still isn't a good excuse for a resident to be harmed.

Some facts about nursing home abuse and neglect in Virginia

A recent report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that Americans are living longer. In fact, the October 2014 report found that the average American life expectancy is now 78.8 years. According to that report, the average American woman is expected to live to be 81-years-old, whereas the average American man can expect to be 76.

Although great advancements in medical science have allowed us to live longer, other scientific developments have not kept pace with our increasing longevity. Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and dementia are still rampant among persons of advanced age. Oftentimes, elderly person suffering from these ailments require treatment and care that are beyond the abilities of their family members.

Police work to prevent deaths due to drunk driving in Virginia

The holidays can bring out some terrible drivers. Some people drink a little too much and get tipsy, making the roads dangerous, while others disobey traffic laws or simply speed in poor weather, putting you at risk. If you've been involved in an accident in Virginia, then this recent report from the police won't be surprising to you.

Police know that holidays bring out drunk drivers in droves. Some may not realize how intoxicated they are, while other people head out to party at local bars, throwing caution to the wind. When you're injured due to that negligence, you deserve to have your story heard and to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

How can I reduce the chance of anesthesia errors?

When you are going in to have a medical procedure, there is a chance that you will have to have anesthesia administered. Before going into the procedure, it is imperative that you learn about anesthesia if possible. Our readers in Virginia might be interested in learning some basic points about anesthesia.

What are the different anesthesia types?

How does contributory negligence affect my Virginia car accident?

Contributory negligence is a legal term that means that an injured person failed to act in a reasonable manner to prevent his or her own harm. This concept assumes that the injured party contributed to the accident in some way as to prevent the entire fault of the accident from being placed onto another party.

An example of this might be a car accident victim who was rear-ended while not wearing his or her seat belt. The insurance company representing the owner of the striking vehicle might argue that the victim contributed, at least partially, to his or her own injuries by failing to exercise reasonable care.

Don't let nursing home abuse continue: Seek help in Virginia

When you put someone you love into a nursing home, you expect the best for them. They should be protected and kept safe; they should receive the very best care that you expect and pay for. Unfortunately, even one negligent staff member can leave your loved one hurt or worse. In cases of abuse or neglect, the outcome can be devastating.

Nursing home abuse simply isn't acceptable. Whether you're struggling to see how a slip-and-fall accident took place when your loved one was monitored for movement or have been searching for a loved one after he or she has wandered off due to a lack of monitoring, you do have the option to look into your legal rights. You need to hold the nursing facility accountable for its actions; this protects you and the ones you love, but it also means the facility will be held to a higher standard for everyone who stays there.

Avoid public intoxication charges in Virginia this holiday season

With Christmas in only a few days and New Year's Eve soon to follow, it is important to give our readers a reminder about some Virginia laws that govern people's actions in public. Virginia has laws on the books that prohibit a variety of actions. One of those actions is public inebriation, or public intoxication.

People who are intoxicated in public and those who profanely swear or curse can be charged with a Class 4 misdemeanor under §18.2-388 of the Code of Virginia. When a person is charged with this misdemeanor, he or she can be taken to a detoxification center that is court approved instead of facing an arrest. Even in that case, the person can't be held against his or her will there.

Challenging a DUI based on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

Drinking and driving is an easily preventable crime that sometimes has serious adverse implications for innocent victims. That being said, it is also important to know that not every individual arrested under suspicion of drinking and driving is actually guilty of that crime.

Most of us are aware of police roadside sobriety tests used to determine whether motorists are impaired by drugs or alcohol. Perhaps most well-known of these tests is the so-called "walk and turn test," which involves an individual holding his or her arms out to the side and placing one foot in front the other before pivoting and returning to the original spot.

What are the most dangerous places in Virginia for motorcyclists?

As a motorcyclist in Virginia, you may have questions about your area and the safety you have as a rider. If you've recently been in an accident, then knowing statistics can also help you build a case, especially if the area where you got hurt has more accidents than other places in the state.

Motorcycle fatalities in Virginia have actually been dropping, which is unlike the national average. Interestingly, in 2009, there were 71 fatalities in the state. In 2013, there were only 63 fatalities in motorcycle accident in Virginia, continuing a three-year downward trend.

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