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How should truckers and drivers stay safe on the roadways?

Sharing the roadway with truckers is often a dangerous proposition. The large vehicles often have heavy loads that make the big rigs a dangerous projectile if the trucker can't keep control of it. An out of control big rig can lead to serious accidents that can injure everyone who is involved.

What can motorists do to help prevent accidents with semi-trucks?

The Fifth Amendment and your protected rights

With the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you're guaranteed the right not to answer questions asked by police while you're in court or in custody. Why would this be necessary? Knowing that you don't have to speak means that you can protect yourself against self-incrimination.

Essentially, the Fifth gives you the right to sit back instead of being a witness against yourself. Imagine being on the stand and having to talk about something that you did (or didn't) do. A slip of the tongue could change the course of the case, putting your future in jeopardy.

Categories of compensation in vehicle crashes

Virginia residents hurt as a result of another party's negligence in a car crash may wish to investigate the possibility of seeking damages via a personal injury lawsuit. There are various categories of damages which, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the crash, injured victims may be able to pursue in damage claims.

The most important financial restitution that car accident victims require are the costs associated with their medical care. Most Virginia residents can't afford to pay for their medical treatment out of pocket. When a victim has no insurance, this is an even more pressing concern.

How can you defend against a drunk driving charge?

When you get stopped when you're driving, it's possible that you could be asked to take a Breathalyzer test. When you take the test, you may find that you blow over the limit. When that happens, you suddenly risk losing your license, facing time in jail or paying heavy fines.

There are ways to defend yourself against the allegations that you were driving drunk, especially if you believe that the test was inaccurate. To understand how you can challenge that reading, you need to be educated in how a Breathalyzer works.

How can I minimize the dangers of motorcycling with a passenger?

Motorcycle accidents can be horrible accidents. When there is a passenger on the motorcycle, there are two people who stand to be injured if there is an accident. For that reason, it is vital that anyone who is going to drive a motorcycle with a passenger on it takes proper safety precautions. While these precautions might not stop all accidents from occurring, they can help the driver to minimize the risk his or her driving poses while on the motorcycle.

How is braking affected when a passenger is onboard?

Protecting the legal rights of the elderly in Norfolk, Viriginia

Elder abuse is not uncommon in Virginia, and every resident of the state should be alert to its signs. Usually, it happens in the victim's home, the home of a relative, a nursing facility or a hospital. It might even happen in your home, and one day, it could happen to you.

A natural part of aging involves becoming physically weaker and more frail, and this makes the elderly population less able to defend themselves against bullying and other kinds of attacks. Mental conditions associated with aging could make an elderly person more at risk of being defrauded or fooled by different kinds of scams.

How can you avoid collisions on Halloween?

Staying safe on Halloween should be a goal of everyone, whether they're driving or walking a group of children door to door for Trick-or-Treat. Watching out for children is the only way to prevent serious or life-threatening pedestrian accidents that could make a day that is supposed to be fun a true nightmare for families.

Motorists should remember to slow down in residential areas, because children are more likely to be out and about in the evening than usual. On top of that, they may be crossing the street and could forget to look, so it's important to drive slowly and avoid striking any pedestrians in the roadways.

New study highlights errors that occur during surgical procedures

Patients who are going into surgery are at risk of medication errors. Researchers in the Massachusetts General Hospital anesthesiology department found that around half of all surgeries have some type of medication error. The study was published in Anesthesiology, a professional journal.

The researchers looked into 277 procedures, which led to the point that around half included medication errors. While that is certainly shocking news, the good news in this case is that only three of those medication errors were life-threatening; however, around one-third of the errors noted did lead to at least some level of harm to the patient.

Virginia family settles medical negligence lawsuit for $1.8M

A $1.8 million settlement has been reached in a medical negligence related lawsuit. The suit was filed over brain injuries suffered by a Virginia Tech professor's daughter after a video-assisted surgery.

The surgical procedure was performed at the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in September 2012. Following the surgery, the 21-month-old daughter of the professor suffered from pneumonia, bacteria in the blood, respiratory distress, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, low blood platelets and possible organ failure.

What's the difference between civil or criminal cases?

Criminal laws and penalties are not the same as civil penalties or lawsuits. If you're facing charges, it's important to understand if they're coming through with the potential for civil or criminal penalties, because the defense to either may be different, or you may be facing variable outcomes.

It's possible to be facing civil and criminal cases at the same time. How does that happen? Take for instance a case where you're accused of a sex crime. If the alleged victim wants to bring a case against you, then that case will fall under a civil lawsuit. The civil court order may ask the court for a restraining order to keep the alleged victim safe as well. The only person who can create this case is the victim or a representative for him or her. He or she can also choose to drop the case if he or she pleases.

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