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Motorcyclist struck and critically injured in Virginia

In a recent crash in Roanoke, Virginia, a motorcyclist was badly injured when he collided with an SUV. As is the case with many motorcycle accidents, the SUV allegedly pulled out in front of the motorcyclist, causing the accident. The crash shut down the roadway while police investigated.

The Roanoke police's spokesman reported that the accident took place at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Northside High School Road and Peters Creek Road. It's believed that the motorcyclist, who was driving south on Peters Creek Road, struck the vehicle as it pulled out in front of him. Weather did not appear to be a factor, as police did not describe anything out of the ordinary.

Car accident caused by driver running red light, police allege

Paying attention to everything going on around you can sometimes be difficult while you are driving. When you are unable to watch it all, there is a chance that you will get into an accident. Those accidents can be devastating for those involved. One Virginia man is now facing charges for a traffic accident that claimed the life of one victim.

The man allegedly ran a red light while driving his Nissan Sentra on Old Bridge Road. He then slammed into a Ford Explorer that was making a left turn during a green light. Two children were ejected from that SUV. One of them died.

Police go to the wrong house, Virginia man opens fire

After police showed up at the wrong house and apparently did not announce themselves, they were shot at by a man in Virginia. That man is now facing charges. However, he says that his actions were just what he felt he had to do to keep his family safe.

According to the man, he and his wife heard noises behind their house. She heard them first and told him that she thought there was a person in the yard. They then heard someone trying to open the door.

Man in Virginia hit on side of Interstate 64

A young man pulled to the side of Interstate 64 in Virginia when his car, a 1998 model, began to have mechanical issues. He then called for a tow truck from AAA, and he waited in his car on the side of the road. While he was waiting, another vehicle came up from behind and slammed into him, wrecking his vehicle and causing severe injuries.

Emergency crews came to the scene and took the man to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, but his injuries proved fatal, and he died on Friday, July 11. He was just 21 years old at the time.

Honda's air bag recall to include even more cars

Honda has expanded a previous recall that already affected about 2 million cars so that it includes 500,000 to 1 million more. The motivation for the recall was a west coast accident in which a Takata-made air bag malfunctioned and caused metal and plastic shrapnel to hit and injure the occupant of a Honda-made car.

Honda is one of the many auto manufacturers who have been forced to issue massive recalls to correct defects relating to Takata-made air bags. Takata Corp. is a company based out of Japan, and one of the largest manufacturers of automobile safety parts in the world. However, many of the air bags the company made over the last 10 years have proved more dangerous than safe.

Driver with revoked license may have caused motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are inherently much smaller than most other vehicles on the road simply by their design. Even if a motorcyclist were to add reflective tape and wear brightly colored clothing, the fact remains that some distracted or inattentive motorists will simply fail to see some motorcycles which share the roadways with them. That may have been the case in a tragic June 27 car-versus-motorcycle crash which left one man close to death.

Norfolk Police say the accident occurred at approximately 9:25 p.m. in the vicinity of the 2900 block intersection of Lafayette Boulevard and Marne Avenue. There, according to police, a man driving a Honda Accord turned in front of a motorcyclist who was travelling westbound along Lafayette Boulevard. The impact occurred when the Accord made a left turn onto Marne Avenue and struck the driver of the motorcycle.

Truck accident forces Amtrak train off rails

This story out of Massachusetts is one you may be interest in, since the Amtrak train involved also travels through Virginia, too. The article from June 23 points out a recent truck accident where a wood chipper and tree truck got in the way of an Amtrak train and caused a serious accident. In fact, the Amtrak train derailed in Berlin, Connecticut, and some passengers were injured in the crash.

This isn't the only time this has happened, and if you have been a passenger on a train when it has collided with vehicles or other items, you may be able to seek compensation similarly to those who may have been hurt in this case.

DUI cases facing big change in 1 Virginia jurisdiction

Most people who drive know that drinking and driving isn't something that is advisable. In fact, when a person's blood alcohol level is above .08 percent, driving is illegal in Virginia. One interesting thing to note about Virginia is that various jurisdictions handle first-time drunk driving cases differently. In one of these jurisdictions, change is coming.

Police officers in Virginia Beach have been handling first-time drunk driving cases. In keeping with his campaign promise, Commonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle has instituted a change that takes this responsibility from the hands of the police department and places it in the hands of the prosecuting attorney's office.

3-car Norfolk crash results in 4 people injured

Norfolk police say a June 4 collision involving three vehicles resulted in four people being injured during the crash. Police allege that a Honda Civic with three occupants drove out into the path of oncoming traffic in an attempt to cross. The accident happened on Azalea Garden Road's 3100 block. It was there that police say the Honda Civic crossed into the path of a Ford Expedition, which then struck the Civic head-on.

The result of the impact between the two vehicles then sent the Civic into another vehicle, a Chevrolet Suburban. The occupants of the Civic, an adult woman and two minors, were taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Initially, it was reported that a four-year-old girl who was a passenger in the Civic had suffered life-threatening injuries, but that assessment has since been changed to non-life threatening.

Morgan truck accident applies to all drivers, truckers

If you've heard about the comedian Tracy Morgan getting in a truck accident that nearly killed him, then you might find this news interesting. A June 11 report claims that the driver in the truck accident has claimed he is not guilty, despite the fact that his vehicle struck the vehicle Morgan and his companions were in the day of the accident.

This accident is important for a number of reasons that can apply to you in Virginia. The basis of the complaints have said that the driver of the truck that caused the accident may have been sleep deprived, and that's breaking a federal law. It's been argued that the man was within federal safety guidelines, which are there to protect drivers and those on the road.

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