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The link between car accidents and traumatic brain injuries

Most of us give little thought to how much our personalities and individual characteristics rely on the health of our brains. If you think about it, your life probably would not change much if you suffered broken ribs or a dislocated collarbone after a car accident. However, the same is not true for some brain injuries. In fact, a traumatic brain injury can forever alter your memories, your speech or even your ability to enjoy life in the same way before your accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury occurs whenever a person receives a sudden blow to the head or something penetrates their skull and disrupts the normal functioning of their brains. Depending on the severity of the TBI, a victim can experience impaired thinking, changes in their personality or even a loss of vision or hearing.

Widow receives $1.3 million settlement in malpractice case

After you've been injured in a medical setting, you may be considering seeking a medical malpractice lawsuit against your doctor or hospital. If you're able to prove that your medical team neglected you or left you with injuries due to mistakes, then you may be able to win compensation. In a case out of Virginia, a woman, now a widow, was seeking compensation for the wrongful death of her husband due to medical malpractice.

That case has now been settled out of the Roanoak court, according to the May 4 news report. The widow claimed that the Roanoke, Virginia, medical facility and a physician's office separate from that hospital were responsible for the untimely death of her husband.

Understand your options as your case moves through the system

In a recent blog post, we discussed some of the finer points of vandalism charges. That post, as well as others on our blog, have one thing in common -- they all show just how intricate the laws in Virginia are. Those intricate laws contain many points that anyone who is facing charges should know. In some cases, the laws are so complex that it takes a lot of studying to learn then.

When you think about facing charges, your mind might go straight to how to defend yourself against them. That is a very important point, but it is one that can only be determined after a comprehensive understanding of the charges and criminal justice system is achieved.

Why does intent matter in my Virginia vandalism case?

If you are a young person who is currently facing charges for vandalism in Virginia, you should know that prosecutors often face difficulty establishing what your intent may have been at the time of your alleged offense. That's because the difference between vandalism, trespassing, burglary and arson usually depends on an individual's intent. For example, the intent of a group of children who enter their school at night to engage in "tagging" using cans of spray paint is much different than an ex-husband who breaks into the home of his ex-wife for the purposes of assaulting her.

Obviously, the penalties for marking a school with graffiti are less than those for violent burglaries. However, it's still important for young defendants charged with vandalism and their parents to know that Virginia has specific laws on the books that govern how damage to public buildings and school property should be enforced. This type of vandalism is considered a class VI felony when the amount of damage exceeds $1000. It is considered a class I misdemeanor for damages to property that fall under that amount.

Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries in Route 13 collision

During the spring and summer months, it's more common to see motorcyclists on the roads than at any other time of the year. Because everyone is used to these riders in Virginia and other warm-weather states, it's not unusual to see them on highways or residential roads at all hours of the day and night. Drivers need to be careful and check oncoming traffic before pulling out into traffic, and they should listen for these motorcyclists, too. If they don't, then an accident like this one could happen to you or someone you love.

Route 13 was in the news recently for being the location of a motorcycle crash with a serious injury. Route 13 and Trenton Avenue cross each other, making it possible for people to pass through the intersection and to collide with oncoming traffic. Although that doesn't happen often, at 8:12 p.m. on April 29, a crash happened as a vehicle tried to make a turn.

Signs of nursing home negligence, neglect and abuse to watch for

When it is time to have one of your loved ones receive care in a nursing home, difficult decisions have to be made. Just last week, we discussed some points about what to look for in a nursing home for your loved one. That, however, is only the beginning of what you are going to have to do.

Once your loved one is in the nursing home, you have to make sure he or she is receiving the necessary care. Many of our nation's nursing homes provide excellent care for the aging population. Unfortunately, there are some that don't provide the type of care your loved one deserves.

What do I look for in a nursing home for my aging parent?

Advances in medical science make it possible for many Americans to live longer than previous generations. Things like heart surgery and cancer treatments mean that many more of us will live well into our 70s. Unfortunately, as the general population grows older, some Virginia residents will require the constant supervision and care provided by long-term care centers or nursing homes. Choosing the right nursing home for your aging parent can prove to be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

The National Center on Elder Abuse has identified several risk factors that may make your decision in selecting a good nursing home somewhat easier. According to the NCEA, most nursing homes observe accepted medical practices and preventative measures. However, there are still some facilities that do not. Research shows that poorly-managed institutions that care for the elderly can expose patients to injuries from falls, physical abuse by staff members and in some of the worst cases of neglect, even wrongful death.

Man launches lawsuit over injuries in snowplow truck accident

The dark early morning hours can be dangerous for pedestrians, because it's not yet light out and drivers must rely on their lights to see. Despite the dangers of the roads during these times, you still have a right to be there as long as you're following the law. Vehicles shouldn't be traveling so fast they can't see you, since this could cause accidents to happen.

If you remember hearing about a snowplowing incident involving two men who were struck in 2013, then you may have wondered what ever happened to the case. A report from April 16 stated that one of the two men involved in the accident has now decided to sue the snowplow driver and his employer for $1 million to cover his bills and pain and suffering.

Differences between felonies, misdemeanors and infractions

People who are facing the criminal justice system for the first time might have some questions about the type of charges they are facing. Many people already realize that a felony charge is more serious than a misdemeanor; however, the main difference between the two, the possible incarceration term, is stark.

A crime classified as a felony is punishable by a prison term of at least one year. A misdemeanor is usually punishable by up to a year in a county jail, not prison. That, however, isn't to say that everyone convicted of a crime will face time behind bars. There are a variety of punishments available for people who are convicted of crimes. Some people might choose to accept a plea arrangement or use an offer for a plea arrangement as a starting point for negotiations.

Motorcycle accident statistics and your personal injury lawsuit

As the weather continues to improve, an increasing number of motorcycle enthusiasts will begin to take their bikes and head out on the roads. Motorcycle riding offers several advantages. Motorcyclists often pay significantly less than drivers of other vehicles for fuel, vehicle maintenance and insurance. In addition, they love the exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes from feeling more in touch with the outdoors as you travel.

Virginia is a great state for motorcycling. As previously mentioned in one of our weblog entries, our state has been bucking the national upward trend for motorcycle fatalities in recent years. Statistics taken from between 2009 and 2013 indicate that the numbers of fatal motorcycle accidents have actually continued a downward trend during that period. Nevertheless, despite those encouraging numbers, there were still 63 fatal motorcycle accidents in Virginia in 2013.

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